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About MarselisborgCentret

MarselisborgCentret is a centre for rehabilitation, research and development. The objective of MarselisborgCentret is to develop better rehabilitation services - across sectors, professions and institutional frontiers. MarselisborgCentrets vision is to obtain a coherent and optimal rehabilitation for the users. Better rehabilitation is crucial for the users, their abilities and the efficiency with which they can work for the society.



MarselisborgCentret has a dynamic organizational structure that allows cooperation across sectors, public/private frontiers and between users and professionals. Central in the organizational structure is the idea of sharing knowledge and resources across the traditional frontiers. MarselisborgCentrets partners are both private and public organizations.


Research, development and sharing knowledge

In the heart of MarselisborgCentret lies the idea of rehabilitation, and the objectives in this area are obtained partly through development and impartment of knowledge and competence within rehabilitation and partly through research. Many projects are organized by MarselisborgCentret, through which these objectives are reached. These regard many different aspects of rehabilitation, and usually two or more of the partners co-operate and MarselisborgCentret’s staff facilitate. 



The rehabilitationspark is a cornerstone in MarselisborgCentret. MarselisborgCentret’s partners and other institutions are located within the rehabilitationspark. It is geographically located in Aarhus, and forms as such a strong centre that encourages co-operation between the institutions as it becomes easier to share ressources and exchange knowledge. In addition to this the rehabilitationspark will further more make the users and other institutions visible.

Another central part of the rehabilitationspark is the establisment of facilities common for MarselisborgCentret’s partners and institutions situated in the rehabilitationspark. At present these consist of conference rooms, hydro therapy pools and office facilities.

For further information about MarselisborgCentret please contact the District Manager Jan Sau Johansen.

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MarselisborgCentret  P. P. Ørums Gade 11  DK - 8000 Århus C  Tlf.: (+45) 7841 4400   Fax: (+45) 7841 4459